Aim at gaining trust and confidence by
fostering personnel with the necessary expertise

CEO Junichi Mito

Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. ("KBK") has contributed to help economic growth worldwide providing an advanced technology under the company creed "Personnel, Technology and Confidence" and its management principle "Essential Technology for Primary Customers."
Keeping this company creed and management principle in mind, KBK will go forward with the achievement of this purpose. KBK's own reason d'etre is based upon its company creed, we believe. Fostering personnel with the necessary expertise will, exactly, constitute a very solid relationship with the clients and us which will make them to say: "There is nothing to worry about if KBK involves."
 The KBK Group is now working on its mid-term management plan "KBK 2013" stating financial year of 2013(end March,2014) as the first year, aiming for further development of the entire group.
 We are striving to achieve our goals by offering our clients the value-added services by accelerating overseas investments and operations and spurring technological aptitude as an engineering-oriented trading firm. More precisely, we have secured a foothold of new market development in Mexico, China, and Taiwan. We will keep on conduct on-the-job training for our engineers as before at the group companies and/or dispatching them to the overseas manufacturers to improve their domain expertise, so that we may improve our quality of services to the clients.
 For the near future over the next 5-10 years, KBK will, at the very least, keep the status quo for the domestic market facing a declining population. On the contrary, we will encourage the entry into the emerging markets overseas, especially south-east Asia, to expand our business. We, therefore, will expand the adoption of foreign staff, which we have not actively involved in, for the promotion of "Glocalization" of our extensive business operation.

We will do our best to live up to your expectations.