CSR / Policy

Taking actions based on our thoughts of
what we can do for society

The point in question is how a company should pursue sustained development. With its wealth of technology and experience, there is a way unique to KBK. Through its business activities, KBK will fulfill its corporate social responsibility with respect to all stakeholders and help build a better future for our nation.

For instance...

New Energy for the Future

We assist in Japan's energy development by providing survey equipment and analysis equipment for investigation of sea-floor hydrothermal deposits and new resources.

KBK's Environmental Efforts

We strive to bring about a happier society by assisting Japan's Carbon Capture and Storage initiatives and taking energy-saving measures based on proposals for development of carbon fiber applications.

Mission Statement

Essential technology for essential customer
ensuring a safe future for all people

  • 1.

    To comply with laws and regulations and enhance the credibility of Company through fair and highly transparent business activities.

  • 2.

    To provide attractive products with the cutting-edge technology and services that answer the needs of the time.

  • 3.

    To realize prosperous coexistence with customers and manufacturers seeking for long and stable growth through exchange of information, research and close business relationship with them.

  • 4.

    To establish an environment that maximizes the strength of individual ingenuity and innovative ideas and teamwork based on the mutual confidence and cooperation between management and employees.

  • 5.

    To establish a stronger management foundation through selection and concentration of business responding to the rapid changes in economical environment within and outside.

Compliance Statemant

As clearly stated in the Code of Conduct of the Kyokuto Boeki Group Companies and other documents, we should never forget that the Group's corporate policy and prerequisite of corporate activities is FAIR AND FAITHFUL COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS IN ALL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. There are numerous examples of companies that have lost the trust of society due to wrongdoing, whereby the existence of such companies has been endangered. One might resort to the excuse that wrongdoing would benefit the company or the organization, but in truth such behavior will harm the company and create hardships for its employees.

We would withdraw from the business if success was based on illegalities or wrongdoing. The Group now declares that management will take the initiative as a positive example in promoting corporate compliance and ensuring employee observance. I hereby give all executives and employees of the Group the strict order to adhere to the corporate policy of compliance and to always fulfill assigned duties in accordance with the laws, regulations and public decency.

June 19.2008
Kyokutou Boeki Kaisya,Ltd.