Legend with PRO

Legend with PRO SERIES Professional use CD-R/DVD-R

Japan Disc Corporation (JDC) will launch new products of CD-R / DVD-R, which are best compatibility, low error rate, reliable and Japan quality. These products have been developed with cooperation of JDC and RITEK corporation, the worldwide leading optical disc manufacturere. RITEK is also in charge of the production. JDC will start to sell them worldwide via distributer from September 2018.


Main Features


Superior recording characteristics:

From material and sputtering process, fine-tune with the MID CDR/DVDR, successfully produce excellent recording characteristics which is same as Japan quality products.


Exellent compatibility

Regarding the playability characteristics as well, RITEK produce the higher quality as other maker.


Low error rate

A low error rate is realized in various systems, and it is best solution for duplication use.


Product information:

Product name: Legend with PRO SERIES Proffessional use CD-R / DVD-R

Packing: CD-R/DVD-R 100 Bulk pack / 50 spindle (cake box) pack (2kinds)


  • CD-R / DVD-R for professional use
  • CD-R / DVD-R for duplication use


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Optical Disc


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