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privacy policy

Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd.


KBK is dedicated to protecting the personal information of each visitor to its website. To that end, KBK has established and follows the privacy policy described below:


  1. 1.Acquisition of Private Information
  2. We strictly comply with laws regarding the protection of personal information and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as guidelines, industry-level standards and internal rules necessary for the proper conduct of business.
  3. 2.Purpose of Usage of Private Information
  4. KBK handles trade, sales and various types of activities within its three main business units--the Electrical Machinery and Energy unit, the Electronics and Aerospace unit, and the General industry unit--and also handles insurance agency and the provision of life insurance coverage. The personal information obtained from KBK's website is used only for sales activity and to provide products, additional usages or service.
  5. 3.Management of Personal Information
  6. KBK works constantly to maintain and update its security system so as to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to personal information by outside parties. Our efforts also protect visitors against the accidental leakage of (and unwarranted access to) personal information, as well as the deliberate release of such information by Company employees.
  7. 4.Revisions to the Company's Privacy Policy
  8. The Company reserves the right to revise its policy on information security whenever necessary, such as when changes are made to the privacy laws in Japan.
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