With Gratitude for 70 Years’ Support,
KBK Aspires to Increase Return to Stakeholders

We have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of our company on November 27, 2017. Since our founding in 1947 amid the post war turmoil we have overcome countless economic challenges. We are here today thanks to the kind understanding and support our stakeholders had offered us through all these years. We extend our heartfelt appreciation.

KBK group is now in the second year of our mid-term management plan “KBK 2016”, hitting the halfway point. We are making a concerted effort to reach the goal.

We are making steady progress in the four aspects of the growth strategy we have formulated for further business advance and expansion. We are determined to live up to your expectations by achieving the targeted figures and reinforcing profitability.

We give the highest priority to the stable allocation of profit to the shareholders while maintaining consideration for internal reserve to ensure sustained growth. The result of our effort has been realized in the form of increase in dividend payment for six consecutive terms. We will continue to enhance our operation and profitability aiming to offer added value and return to the shareholders.

KBK and the entire group would appreciate your continued understanding and support for our business operation.

November 2017
CEO Junichi Mito