Will Aggressively Challenge To Enhance Further Growth

Operating result of KBK from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 showed drastic increase both in sales and profits, having the increase of 15.1% in sales, 119.4% in operating income, 105.0% in ordinary income and 438.0% in the net income (consolidated accounting). In the past 2 years, KBK yielded a disappointing result to our stakeholders and was forced to pass a dividend, however, we could achieve a rapid earnings recovery and improve financial standing, so that we were able to resume dividends for the current term.
Currently, we have committed our mid-term management plan "KBK2013", which will be in operation until March 2016.
Based on the four growth strategies, namely, "Strengthening of Existing Business," "Development of New Business," "Buildup of Overseas Operations," and "Enhancement of Intergroup Operations," KBK will challenge to achieve its goals by offering our clients the highly value-added services by spurring technological aptitude as an engineering-oriented trading firm. As the symbolic and current topics, we have secured a foothold of new market development in Mexico, China and Taiwan, and introduced the electrical equipment incorporating the technology of our group companies to the plants and facilities overseas.

By accelerating overseas investment more than ever before and securing continuous growth, KBK will, in the near future, become internationally regarded company as "KBK has changed and matured."
I would like to ask all of our stakeholders for the continued support and encouragement in the years to come. 

October 2014
CEO Junichi Mito