Top Executive

  • Chairman

    Junichi Mito

  • President & CEO

    President & CEO
    Yoshiya Okada

Sales Department

  • Industrial Systems

    Providing technically sound support for development of the core industry

    Through our worldwide sales network and technically sound support, we actively contribute to industrial development in the steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical, automotive, electronics and electrical power industries. We offer items ranging from electric instrumentation control system to permanent-magnetic couplings.

    TEL:03-3244-3642 [ Internal organization ]
    ・No.1 Section
    ・No.2 Section
    ・No.3 Section
    ・Mishima Suboffice
  • Special Machinery Systems

    We support market and customers with skilled, fully technical and engineering services.

    We provide not only special machinery such as aerospace equipment, laser equipment and 3D scanning system, but also simulation systems and software packages along with our well-respected engineering and other services.

    TEL:03-3244-3699 [ Internal organization ]
    ・No.1 Section
    ・No.2 Section
    ・No.3 Section
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems

    The Total Solution Intensive Group for various control systems of plant construction.

    We work to ensure full customer satisfaction from sales and total solutions for automated control/monitoring systems, as well as related instruments intended for business/industrial thermal power plants, LNG reserve stations and general processing plants. "Look to the future for the fulfillment of dreams": This is what we want to do.

    TEL:03-3244-3962 [ Internal organization ]
    ・Utility Sales Group
    ・Non Utility Sales Group
  • Electronics & Measurement Systems

    For those who seek state-of-the-art products, from small parts to systems, all over the world.

    We provide power operational amplifiers, linear ICs, electrostatic accelerators, thermal conductivity meters/dilatometers, seismometers, strain gauges and telecommunication products, along with various other advanced-technology products.

  • Resource Development Engineering

    Offering a Variety of Equipment, from Exploration to Production of Natural Resources.

    We offer a series of equipment and technical services for the exploration, drilling, finishing and production of natural resources such as oil, natural gas and geothermal energy. In recent years, our department has focused on the development of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS), as well as methane hydrate.

    TEL:03-3244-3866 [ Internal organization ]
    ・Engineering & Consulting Section
    ・Development & Machinery Section
  • Diversified & Innovative Materials

    A provider for plastics and other materials.

    The Diversified & Innovative Materials Department offers paints, plastics, metals and related equipment, mainly for the automotive industry, and exports those materials to China, Southeast Asia and other countries. Other than these materials, this department can also provide high-performance/intensity steel belts and belt equipment.

    TEL:03-3244-3898 [ Internal organization ]
    ・No.1 Section
    ・No.2 Section
  • Advanced Materials

    KBK provides "solutions" through a variety of material technologies.

    "Environment Friendly" is the new century's guiding principle. KBK provides the most advanced materials and fabrication technologies to meet its customers' diverse needs--including the features of light weight, low fuel consumption, low environmental impact and others--in order to conserve valuable resources and help maintain the planet for posterity.

    TEL:03-3244-3771 [ Internal organization ]
    ・ACM Group
    ・Industrial Materials Section
  • Food Engineering

    Through our accumulated skills and experiences, we contribute to the maintenance of food safety and hygiene.

    KBK, with its wide-ranging skill and experience, offers various kinds of food processing machinery for manufacturing ham and sausage, as well as related equipment. We also offer deodorant roll towels to help ensure consistent support for food safety and environment.

    TEL:03-3244-3994 [ Internal organization ]
    ・Food Process Section
    ・Food Machinery Section
  • Overseas Business Promoting

    Supporting the worldwide business.

    In this era where business is expanding worldwide, speed is the key factor. Overseas Business Promoting Office supports KBK's worldwide business, both in nurturing and expansion.


Management Department

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Back-office Department

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