SIQENS EcoCabinet

The SIQENS EcoCabinet generates energy from methanol in locations without connection to the power grid.

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As a plug-and-play system, the SIQENS EcoCabinet generates energy reliably –
be it in locations without connection to the power grid, or as a backup to critical
infrastructures. Each cabinet is delivered as a ready-to-run system – fully equipped
with SIQENS fuel cell, battery, power distribution with fuses, and methanol supply.
The silent and efficient operation protects residents and the environment from
noise and emissions – both in residential areas and in remote regions. Thanks to
our patented fuel cell technology, you will not only save fuel during operation,
but also reduce your carbon footprint.
The SIQENS Ecoport 800 charges the built-in battery with up to 19.2 kWh of
energy per day. Optionally, the cabinet can be extended with a solar panel and
a charge controller.


  • Power supply in a off-the-grid environment
  • For a backup


  • High efficiency
  • silent

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