TOM "Three dimension Overlay Method"

TOM forming Machine and Material

Three dimension Overlay Method "TOM" is used for many kinds of industrial product as the entirely new decoration method which  high design film can be decorated on your product.
For example, automatic interior parts, automotive exterior parts, train and aircraft interior, consumer electronics parts, building material, water proof for LED, 3D glass. etc.
"TOM" makes it possible to express rich texture on your product.
"TOM film" can design a real wooden texture, leather texture, carbon texture, etc.
We, KBK, provide total solution for 3D decoration technology by using FVF's vacuum forming machine, thermoformable film, and the forming knowhow for TOM forming.
KBK provides OEM products to the worldwide customer by using our TOM's network.
TOM decoration technology is essential to future technology reducing an environmental load.
KBK proposes its technology as an alternative technology to paintcoating or plating, and also we provide a consulting work for a case that it is difficult to be designed by water pressure print transfer method or insert injection method.

Overview and feature of TOM forming machine for mass production.

  • Maximum frame inner size: 550mm x 1250mm
  • Maximum height of production : 180mm (including height or fixture)
  • Measurement system for film surface temperature is equipped.
  • Automatic film suppling system is equipped.
  • Compressed air pressure : 0.2MPa
  • Electric power capacity: 68.3kW
  • Cycle time has been shortened by using rotary system in transfer unit of base plate.
  • Installation space for machine has been reduced to 1/2.
  • 15% of electric power capacity has been cut down.

The above specification is reference specification.
KBK proposes a suitable machine and material knowhow for each customer.
TOM method makes it possible to decorate easily for 3D surface of several kinds of material by our vacuum forming technology.


  • Automotive interior
  • Rail and aircraft
  • Smartphone, LED, 3D glass
  • Water proof
  • Building material


  • Film decoration method
  • 3D surface and revers side
  • Fine emboss pattern is remained
  • You can feel a rich texture.
  • Decoration for complicated 3D shape

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