Air leak tester for electronic devices. Straining detection method Air leak tester

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Air leak tester
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Straining detection method air leakter


Possible to measure electronic book with A4 size.

Possible to measure two smartphone at the same time.

It is the best instrument for checking waterproof.

Two straining sensor are equipped inside the capsule.

Possible to measure work which is composed of two rooms.

Maximum pressure is 20kPa, equivalent of 2M water depth.

Good resolution of setting pressure in low pressure range and very suitable for leak checking of smartphone and work composed of two rooms inside. It's very steady leak detectino system because it's possible to set pressure by 1kPa each.

WPC6315P002/A/WO is an automatic type of inspection machine which can test 2 sets of smart phone or mobile phone at the same time. This model can test the tablet device or tablet type PC of maximum work size of W310mm x D230mm x H30mm by replacing attachment jig for tablet from the attachment jig for smartphone.

*Drying process is not needed and any worry about damaged by water is not needed also, because of non-submergence method.

*Operation cost will be decreased because special jig for each work is not needed to be prepared, and the changeover process for each work is not needed.

*The management for master work and the conditioning process for test which are needed by differential pressure method is not needed.

*Less influence of temperature. Wide range of tolerance for WORK shape and WORK deforming.

*The same inspection can be done at both factory and service center, because of extremely easy operation.

*Cumulative total over 6,000 units of WPC series has been sold.


  • smart phone
  • tablet
  • electronic devices

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