ABOUT US Corporate

Taking actions based on our thoughts of
what we can do for society

The point in question is how a company should pursue sustained development. With its wealth of technology and experience, there is a way unique to KBK. Through its business activities,
KBK will fulfill its corporate social responsibility with respect to all stakeholders and help build a better future for our nation.

New energy required for the future

For the future of not only our country but also the entire world, there is an urgent need to develop new energy and tap new resources in order to reduce our dependency on petroleum-based fuel.

The KBK Group assists in Japan’s energy development by providing survey equipment and analysis equipment for investigation of sea-floor hydrothermal deposits and new resources, in addition to providing technology and equipment for drilling undersea methane hydrate, which is attracting a great deal of attention as a future energy source.

To make people happier KBK’s environmental efforts

Cutting carbon emissions and taking energy-saving measures. Giving consideration to our planet and being friendly to the environment is more important than anything else in order to make people happier.

The KBK Group strives to bring about a happier society by assisting Japan’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) initiatives and taking energy-saving measures based on proposals for the development of carbon fiber applications.

Realizing effective corporate governance

KBK works to realize effective corporate governance that is in line with our Corporate Governance Code.

  • We handle operations accurately to substantially maintain shareholders’ rights.
  • We make efforts to cooperate appropriately not only with our shareholders, but also with an array of other stakeholders including employees, customers and clients.
  • We work proactively in the disclosure of information and maintain the transparency and fairness of decision-making.
  • The Board of Directors, Audit and Supervisory Committee appropriately perform their roles and duties of making clear direction in business strategy, of improving the environment that supports appropriate risk taking and of highly effective monitoring, etc.
  • Through our business operations, we make efforts toward realizing “sustainable development,” striving to harmonize with environmental conservation, economic growth and social development.