Global sales structure

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For a new stage of growth,we play actively in the global market.

= group industry's stronghold KBK Inc

Providing extensive on-site support for Japanese companies shifting production to overseas bases

Japan’s manufacturing sector has been shifting its production bases to China and other foreign countries to boost its competitiveness in global business.
The KBK Group provides support to these Japanese companies, in terms of materials, raw materials, machinery, parts and components, and services. We will assist you even if your local subsidiaries, local joint ventures with a manufacturer, or sales personnel with skills are at a distant foreign location.

Expanding global business including marketing to companies in emerging countries

Given that the domestic market is not expected to undergo significant expansion, emerging countries, namely, China, India and Brazil, are extremely attractive markets for Japanese companies not only as production bases but also as new places to develop business.
The KBK Group has established local subsidiaries in these emerging countries. Our local staff and highly experienced sales personnel will help you develop and grow new business in emerging countries.