Mid-Term Management Plan

New Medium-Term Management Plan“KBK Plus-One 2025”

“KBK Plus One 2025” is a continuation of the management vision of the previous medium-term management plan, “KBK Breakthrough 2023,” “to be a corporate group that can provide society with +1 (plus one),” while at the same time adding new initiatives to enhance corporate value. This means gaining the trust of the capital markets by implementing a flexible capital policy, ensuring that we maintain our listing on the Prime Market after the change of the TSE’s new market classification, while at the same time developing businesses to realize a sustainable society.

Management vision for the period of the plan “Changing to a corporate group that can provide ‘Plus One’ to society” Management vision for the period of the plan “Changing to a corporate group that can provide ‘Plus One’ to society”

Key initiatives

While we will continue to implement individual measures under the key initiatives of the previous medium-term management plan “KBK Breakthrough 2023,” we will reorganize the framework of the key initiatives under “KBK Plus-One 2025” into the following three frameworks.

  • Execute business development and investment in new fields to realize a sustainable society
  • Execute a capital policy that contributes to increasing shareholder value
  • Develop human resources who can imagine and create in the midst of a paradigm shift

The Group will focus on growth drivers in five areas for the realization of a sustainable society and will formulate projects in the following areas across existing business segments to establish new business domains.

  • Renewable energy
  • Hydrogen and batteries
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Bioproducts
  • DX and IoT for industry

Management targets (target figures for fiscal 2025)

Consolidated ordinary income 2.5 billion yen
ROE 8%
M&A and other investments billion yen in total over the 5-year period of the plan

Proactive shareholder returns

  • Payment of special dividend (interim dividend)

We plan to return the unused portion of share buybacks targeted in “KBK Breakthrough 2023” through a special dividend with September 30, 2021 as the record date.

Special dividend
(interim dividend)
Year-end dividend Total annual dividend
Fiscal 2021 75 yen 70 yen 145 yen
  • Dividend payout ratio plan

We strive to maintain a dividend payout ratio of 100% for three years starting in fiscal 2021.

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