KBK respects human rights, and will dedicate efforts to the training and development of personnel and strengthen initiatives to build mutual trust with the public in accordance with the Basic Policy on Promotion of Sustainability. One of the key initiatives of our medium-term management plan “KBK Plus-One 2025” is to “develop human resources who can imagine and create in the midst of a paradigm shift.” To achieve this, we have set the following targets.

Creating a Working Environment That Promotes the Health and Dignity of Employees
  • Ensure that the average amount of overtime is low and required working time is below average to promote work-life balance, improve the rate of taking paid leave further, and maintain a high health checkup rate
  • Expand the number of female managers, ensure that the legally required employment rate for disabled people is met, and increase hiring of foreign nationals

Work-life Balance

Number of the prescribed working hours in a day

7 hours and 25 minutes
We will achieve work-life balance by ensuring that tasks are performed efficiently in a short time.

Number of annual prescribed working hours

1,780 hours
We will improve motivation and productivity by creating a comfortable workplace environment that prevents overworking.

Retreat facilities

We have company-owned retreat facilities in Kamogawa City in Chiba Prefecture and Lake Yamanakako in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Employees can use the facilities any season to recharge and build motivation for tomorrow.

Use of sports clubs

We have contracts with fitness clubs across Japan that are partnered with the company health insurance society, which employees can use at a corporate discount. Having an environment that makes it easy to exercise helps improve employees’ physical health and contributes to their mental health as well.

Contract physicians

Contract occupational health physicians that serve as home doctors for the company help employees with attentive health management and guidance.

Human Resource Development

OJT program

We develop employees based on plans formulated by the department they work in to ensure development is carried out efficiently and effectively during the crucial entry period in order to cultivate outstanding employees, and manage development by checking progress and making revisions to plans when necessary.

Mentor program

Every new employee is provided a mentor — a more experienced employee to whom they can talk with freely about their concerns and complaints. Mentors help discover and resolve problems early and support the growth of new employees from a wide perspective by giving advice on matters such as the right work mindset and behavior appropriate for a member of the workforce.

Education and Training

Overseas training dispatch

In order to gain the skills of employees in other countries and apply it to their future work practices, young employees in Japan who are 30 years old or younger are dispatched to one of our locations in other countries such as the US, China, or Mexico as trainees for about one year, where they can experience local lifestyles, learn local business practices, and become proficient in another language.

Internal training program

For several years after joining the company, employees are provided training to gain basic business skills such as logical thinking and communication skills, and basic knowledge needed for working in the international trade industry such as English language skills — including business conversation, contracts, and business emails — and the system, process, and terminology of the import and export business.


Social Contribution

Endorsement of the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund

We endorse and donate to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, which provides support to environmental conservation activities of developing countries in mainly the Asia-Pacific region.

Support for Paralym Art to help disabled people become independent

We endorse and donate to activities to encourage disabled people to participate in society, help them have successful experiences, and support their financial independence.

Donations to Japanese Red Cross Society

Encouraging art among disabled people

We make financial contributions to the Japanese Red Cross Society, which engages in efforts such as disaster aid, international activities, promotion of first-aid methods, and training of volunteers.

Contribution to local communities of group companies

apanese Red Cross Society

As part of our activities to contribute to society, we carry out clean-up activities near plants, conduct plant tours for nearby elementary students, provide cardboard to neighborhood children’s associations, and more. We also participate in local crime prevention associations and patrol neighborhoods in volunteer patrol cars with blue revolving lights.