Corporate Message

ABOUT US Corporate

Since our establishment in 1947 as an engineering trading company that mainly deals in machinery, Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. has strived to provide advanced technologies and products in response to the needs within Japan and abroad. As times evolve, through the addition of several manufacturers to our group of existing companies, we have become a corporate group that also has the attributes of a manufacturing trading company.

With the arrival of the new era "REIWA" Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha will start anew by transitioning from our founding business principle of "providing the necessary technologies to the necessary industries" to "bridging needs and seeds." Without limiting ourselves to visible technologies or providing existing structures and skills to industries that require them, we will also address the needs of a society that desires value-added services by building a bridge between existing "needs" and the "seeds" of technologies and services yet to be developed.
This vision will allow us to evolve into a corporate group that is well-equipped to provide not just our business partners but the entire society with a sense of "fulfillment" and "satisfaction."

However, even as times and business principles may change, Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha will continue to abide by our corporate philosophy of "people, technology, and trust" that demands us to value "people," upgrade “technology," and build "trust" as the basis of all relationships.
This philosophy will remain our company's unyielding attitude as we move forward into the future together with our stakeholders.